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No Justice in the Courtroom

1 Feb
Yesterday in the courtroom, we were reminded once again that we don’t find justice from the judicial system anymore than we find safety from the police.
In two interesting trials, the police officers in their sworn testimony yet again contradicted information from the official police report about the raid on the Yates building. The assistant DA who was prosecuting the case consistently shut down… attempts to question the police actions, arguing that this was neither the time nor the place. If not in trial, when?
We believe the defendants were charged with Breaking and Entering (a high misdemeanor) rather than simple trespassing because after the fact, the police realized they rushed in with the SWAT team without ever having given a warning–which is necessary to charge someone with trespassing.
In trial, we heard the cops attempt to minimize the massive size of their weaponry, and downplay their ridiculous and dangerous use of force. One officer described his M4 assault rifle as a small “.22 caliber gun” with which he would barely be able to “engage with someone” (i.e. shoot) at any serious distance. We also heard the head of the SWAT operation confess that he thought the occupiers had already been given warning to leave the building before they raided, and he identified Carrboro police officers in a picture of the building raid.

At the end of the day, two defendants plead to trespassing, three were given deferrals (meaning if they don’t get arrested in the next 6 months-1 year) the charges will be dismissed, and two were given a Prayer for Judgment Continued (meaning the conviction is not actually entered against the defendant).


Pack the Courtroom–This Monday at 9am in Hillsborough

28 Jan

All the folks who were arrested at the Yates Building occupation have court this coming Monday, Jan 30th at 9am. Come out to the Hillsborough Courthouse to show your support for them and to take a stand against the police raid.

The DA’s office wants to close the court cases on Monday. They want to quiet the outraged voices that have come from so many different corners of our communities. Come out and show them that we won’t be intimidated, that we will fight the city government’s attempts to suppress political speech and action. Come out and show them that no matter what happens in the courtroom, we won’t stop organizing against the violent police–we won’t stop organizing for community control.

For autonomy and dignity.

Court Date Coming Up

20 Jan
The eight folks who were arrested have their next court date on Jan 30th. They’ve been meeting with each other and their lawyers, and they’re working on a plan for fundraising and community outreach. Help out with the legal fund by making a tax-deductible donation or get in touch if you’re a part of an organization who’d like to host a benefit.


17 Jan